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2010 június 29 | Szimilkó Csaba

Sarret Metal Claster is founded to prefer - along common interests - Bekes County's metallurgic enterprises which are existing there traditionally. The cluster was formally ready to be founded by the end of 2008. For this, we had applied and won contribution through South Great Plain Regional Operative Programm's "DAOP-2008-1.2.1" project mainly to support the quality start of the cluster management activities.

The members of Sarret Metal Claster are secondary and thirdly suppliers of the automotive industry's companies. These members are covering almost the whole metal processing verticum by their activities, such as: light metal casting, moulding of aluminium and steel castings, plate moulding, metal cutting, welding, making and assembling metal constructions, galvanization, surface treatment and painting. Among the members of the Cluster we can find retailers of health and safety equipments, retailers of technical products too.

The definitive part of the sale is from job processing (leasework), which needs continuous decrease of the prime cost. By watching the costumers' side, the major markets are the well developed hungarian regions, automotive industry related areas and abroad - Germany, Holland and Switzerland. The members of the Cluster can keep their competitiveness on the long term if they move to the production of the higher added value products which have knowledge and innovation potential. The members of the Cluster set this target.


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